In the family Mateos Higuera we are more than four decades devoted to the exciting world of viticulture. Our philosophy is to make prime the quality of our grapes, to get a broth that transmits all the values and specific characteristics of these lands of La Mancha. For this reason, the development of our wine is only with grapes from our more than 35 year old vineyard vineyards.

At Hermanos Mateos Higuera we have managed to unite the tradition of our fathers with new techniques and knowledge that offers us the current technology, thereby achieving the perfect balance that we put at the service of our customers. We achieve a different taste wine.

Vineyards of tempranillo, planted since 1977, have acquired at this time the properties of its environment providing them with the features that contribute to the grape colors and aromas of a mature strain. Its varied textures floors provide a complexity of aromas and flavor to our grape. We must add to this variety of grape Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot, Airén, Macabeo and Verdejo, that supplements our vineyards. The harvest is carried out at the time in which the selected grape has acquired its optimal maturation, transporting it to the wine cellar of the property after cutting the clusters at night, just when the grape is colder, avoiding pollution and unwanted fermentation.

Once the selected grapes are in the cellar, it is destemmed and gets into stainless steel tanks with temperature controlled by cold to ensure a perfect fermentation. Finally, a correct repose in barrel and bottle rack closed the process of our wines, ensuring its color, its natural aromas and flavor that only our old strain can deliver.



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