The region of BULLAS is located between the Mediterranean and the mountains of the interior of Andalusia,
the area of the denomination has very hot summers, although the climate is generally colder than other
murcianas denominations, with sudden icy winds from the mountains. Strong winds and frosts occur
sporadically between October and April. The average temperature is 15.6 ° C. Torrential rains and storms,
mainly in September and October happen periodically.

Their principal weapons are altitude ranging from 400 to 1,000 meters, the uniqueness of its
vineyards, planted on small valleys that let you play with the guidelines and the composition of their soils,
limestone and alluvial, which can print fineness in a Monastrell variety as the only known for its power,
maturity and meatiness.

The Winery

The main aspect in our winemaking philosophy is to give priority to our old vineyards, because we think that the balance in production, achieved thanks to them, is outstanding. The depth of their roots, the volume of explored soil and its own self control regarding their vegetative vigour, slow down the influence of the farming conditions which may occur year after year, and provide a higher complexity to the grapes in the first place and finally to the wines.

This approach does not exclude the importance of the new plantations, because they ensure the maintenance of our wine quality standards in the future. The whole planting and growing process is thoroughly studied by the winery staff, so that the vines are developed in a balanced way and fully-integrated in their environment.