Cover 51 municipal districts and a small part of the province of Murcia. The vineyards extend over areas close to the coast (in the surroundings of the capital city of Alicante, and especially in the area of La Marina, a traditional area of production for Moscatel), as well as in the interior of the province.


Located in the town of El Pinós, Alicante.

The winery belongs to the “Artadi” family company who was founded in 1985 by a group of winemakers from Laguardia (Álava – Rioja). Shortly after, their obsession for the careful cultivation and the cult of the vineyard allowed them to draw out the personality of their individual wines, a reflection of their origins. In 1996 and 1999, this same conviction guided them to pursue their project in Artazu (Navarra) and Pinoso (Alicante).

At El Sequé, they enjoy their own resolute and definitive microclimate, soil, vineyard, grape variety, millennial tradition and well-defined ecosystem – Conditions which perfectly define the concept of “Terroir“.

In El Sequé, the climate and soils come together, with a vineyard, an only grape variety, Monastrell, and an ancient tradition. 40 hectares of vineyards settled on marginal land structure. Very poor in clay and humus, brown-limestone soils makes them perfect for producing great wines and tasty Mediterranean character.

The wines have powerful balsamic notes, mature fruit. Meaty wines that satisfy the identity of the Monastrell grape variety from the old vineyards of El Sequé.

Grape variety : Monastrell also known as Mourvèdre in France