Dominio del Bendito is the dream of Antony Terryn, a young french man who searched during a long time for a high quality vineyard which would enable him to produce wines with great character. He found this vineyard in old europe in a nice place, old and poor: Toro.

He bought small parcels in one of the best areas of Toro called La Jara. Most of the vineyard is old or very old. (0% of the 15 hectares of own vines are over 45 years old and are bush vines. The rest is between 10 to 30 years old and some exceptional ones are over a century old!. He loves those vines and consider them a heritage.

The vines are grown organically and the wines are hand crafted. Ageing is made very carefully in order to offer the best of this indigenous grape variety called tinta de Toro (another name for Tempranillo), cultivated with great passion in a unique terroir.

The winery is located in the old town of Toro right in the center of the town and it used to be part of an old convent.