Our company is service driven and we concentrate our efforts on 2 sides:

Our wineries:

  • We advise them on all aspects of the 4 P’s: product, pricing, promotion, placement prior to starting working for them
  • We search for the best possible distribution for them according to their profile
  • We assist them at trade shows, with customer visits, sales support on the ground
  • We offer constant feedback on the development market by market
  • We act as their true export manager but externally!.

Our customers:

  • Whether they are distributors or retailers, we identify their possible needs and gaps in their portfolio
  • We recommend them what to look at
  • We support them when needed to source specific wines
  • We provide them with ground support for tastings, presentations, trainings
  • We have a very collaborative approach!.

We have a QUALITY POLICY based on the following principals:

  • Customer satisfaction: whether it is the winery or our export customers, this is our prime focus.
  • Listening to people: at all levels. The feedback is key to us to improve our service and be better than others
  • Always better: day after day we try our best!
  • Proactiveness: instead of reactiveness. Always looking for a win-win situation