“La Fea” comes from a land full of history, Aragón.

The origin of this name: It was the nickname of Queen “Isabel The Catholic” as she was known in that part of Spain after she married with “Fernando El Catolico”. Unfortunately, she wasn´t very pretty and she was not popular amongst with the people.

Like the Queen, “La Fea” is a range of wines that are  powerful  and with  character!. “La Fea” is an honest wine, clear, that keeps inside a world of sensations to discover, the rootedness to land and the “good-work” of its people along the years.


Denomination of Origin Cariñena is the oldest in Aragón and the second oldest in Spain. In 2008 it celebrated its 75th anniversary.

Climate: Medium warm, with trend towards a continental climate, cold winters and hot summers.  This combined with the wind, known as “Cierzo”, which frequently blow across the region and impede rainfall, have produced a semi-arid landscape. The presence of mountains nearby has a positive effect on rainfall, allowing very high, persistent annual mean levels in the form of spring showers and summer storms. The hilly landscape descends to Cariñena plain; the soil, at a certain height, is formed by gravel from alluvial and coalluvial deposits. In these zones climate is mild, ideal for vines.


Located in the town Paniza, it is part of the D.O.Cariñena. The vineyards are located on 30 years old parcels with calcareous clay soil and in a small proportion, in alluvial pebble over 40 years old for our most emblematic wines

Cooler evening summer temperatures and high contrasts in temperature.

Wines of excellent concentration in colour, sugar, flavour and aroma. Old vines: traditional bush-vine method, hand-picking

Main varieties: Tempranillo, Garnacha, Viura (Macabeo)