Pago de Larrainzar is a dream come true. It is the result of a personal dream of Miguel C. Larrainzar, a well-known Navarre businessman, who deeply loves his land and since childhood has been linked to the world of viticulture and wine making. One hundred and fifty years ago, the family acquired an extraordinary estate in Ayegui which is adjacent to the Irache Monastery and on the famous St. James’ Way (Camino Santiago). It was in this estate that the great-grandfather of the founder established a vineyard of Tempranillo grapes and a small winery with limited production.

Tempranillo, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Grenache, from different clones and stocks, are the grape varieties that cover the vineyard’s 15 hectares. They follow the most advanced viticulture techniques, while respecting the wise land and always harvesting by hand, to ensure the best quality.

They only blend the wines made from a single harvest, starting with tens of different potential wines created by the use of different varieties, tank sizes, barrels and toasting levels of the French oak barrels, which are renewed every three years.



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