Bierzo county is located in the northwest of the province of León, in the Castilla y León region, and covers an area of ​​2954.28 km. Geographically it borders the provinces of Ourense, Lugo and Asturias and it is a main connection between Galicia, León and Asturias.


The Bierzo is a very special and suitable microclimate for vine growing. The natural barrier of Sierra de los Ancares calm the force of the Atlantic storms and produces a continental climate with the influence of the Ocean. The annual rainfall is 721 mm and the average temperature of 12.3 ° C, recorded minimum temperatures of 3.6 ° C in the cold months and maximum of 23.6 ° C in the hottest months. The annual average insolation is estimated between 2,100 and 2,200 hours of sunshine.


Bierzo vineyard’s soil stabilise from  Miocene materials coated by a layer of Quaternary. Texture is silt loam, moderately acidic, its pH is close to 5.5, with the absence of carbonates, typical of humid climates. The soils on slopes are made ​​of a mixture of minerals, quartzite and slate


Thel Bierzo is a fertile land where different grape varieties adapted to the characteristics of soils and climate.

The Bierzo Designation of Origin’s wines must elaborated exclusively with the following varieties: Mencía, Garnacha tintorera, Godello, Doña blanca and Palomino.



Vineyard area registered:   2.853,54

Cooperative associates or SAT: 929 vine-growers
Non associates: 1.044 vine-growers

Total: 2.180 vine-growers

Cellars: 75 wineries

2016 Harvest rating: Excellent – Grape Production: 13.521.570 kg